"Waving Through a Window: Prosthetic Memory, Nostalgia, and Authorship in Dear Evan Hansen."

(forthcoming in Studies in Musical Theatre)

ABSTRACT: Nostalgia as an operative convention of musical theatre is well-documented, requiring an audience earnest to engage with the work on such terms. I argue that Dear Evan Hansen's use of nostalgia and prosthetic memory provide a disruptive potential to standard musical theatre viewing, founded on Evan's manipulative narrative within the show itself. By situating the work as such, I take up Adam Muller's more pejorative use of nostalgia to break apart its popular use as a relational device between the show itself and the audience that consumes it, utilizing dramaturgical analysis to provide textual support for the theories used.

Book Review: The Routledge Companion to the Contemporary Musical eds., Jessica Sternfeld and Elizabeth Wollman

(Forthcoming in Theatre Annual)

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