"Theorizing a Narrative Patriarchal (re/dis)Placement"

(submitting to Journal of American Theatre and Drama)


ABSTRACT: The recent rise in self-proclaimed feminist musicals on Broadway requires a critical analysis of the embodiment and positioning of the female subject on stage. Theorizing a narrative patriarchal (re/dis)placement, this article argues that the patriarchal structures these feminist musicals seek to challenge are upheld by the reinscribtion of patriarchal notions inherent in theatre. Grounded in analysis of the ‘male gaze’ and historical representations of women in the Broadway musical, this article identifies the ways in which Hamilton: An American Musical and SIX: The Musical fulfill traditional stereotypes of womanhood more so than they dismantle them. 

"Waving Through a Window: Prosthetic Memory, Nostalgia, and Authorship in Dear Evan Hansen."

(submitted to Studies in Musical Theatre)

ABSTRACT: Dear Evan Hansen exists well within the cultural zeitgeist. As such, the messages it sends via its narrative construct are witnessed and consumed as progressive musical theatre. This paper contends, however, that Dear Evan Hansen's narrative hinges solely on Evan himself created and existing in ethically questionable falsehoods that puts other's realities in limbo. By doing so, he's utilizing his own longing for an ideal past to manipulate a community in mourning. In this manipulation, Evan Hansen seeks to gain narrative import by creating relationships he would not have otherwise had if not for the falsehoods he goes to great lengths to produce and replicate. 

Review: The Routledge Companion to the Contemporary Musical eds., Jessica Sternfeld and Elizabeth Wollman

(Forthcoming in Theatre Annual)

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